Changing the Unseen to the Understood


At Ellingson, we know every food and beverage production facility comes with anything but standard piping infrastructure, but we like the challenge of complexity.

Prioritize Today, Plan for Tomorrow


You know the ins and outs of each of your plants, but you probably aren’t thinking about what’s happening underground. The good news? That’s exactly what we do. Our process begins with an assessment of your overall underground piping infrastructure, which allows you to prioritize immediate needs and proactively plan for future repairs. Pipes are assessed and graded in accordance with industry standards.


Our team provides innovative and proven trenchless solutions to repair cracked, broken or root infiltrated pipes without disrupting plant operations. We’re willing to work when you don’t, which means less interruption and minimal downtime.


We create infrastructure and maintenance records for your plants, then digitize, store, and maintain them in your personalized, online dashboard to help you turn data into actionable insights.

Your Proactive Partner for Underground Infrastructure

Across your plants, you have reports and benchmarks that help you understand productivity, process and profitability to the finest degree; and to quickly recognize when something is out of the norm. That’s simply standard operating procedure. But, when something goes wrong with your piping infrastructure, it can quickly send all your productivity right down the drain. Ellingson can prevent that from happening. Our offering helps you know more, make better decisions on repairs before problems happen and document what’s going on below the surface. As your underground infrastructure partner, we put you in position to minimize risk and maximize productivity — and profitability. And that’s something worth paying attention to.

What We Do


When it comes to the underground infrastructure management of your plants, you need a proactive approach to stay ahead of problems. Ellingson gives you end-to-end service that will keep you covered throughout the process.



CIPP – Pipe Rehabilitation

GIS Facility Mapping and Real-Time, Record-Keeping Portal

Why Ellingson


We’re pioneers in trenchless construction, and we’ve built our careers serving some of the largest  food and beverage production facilities s in the country. Decades of experience has given us the knowledge we need to master the complex systems, strict regulations, and controlled conditions of the beverage industry. Our OSHA-10 certified professionals are ready for it all, from service and maintenance to rehab and repair. And we understand the importance of keeping facilities running. In fact, not only will we work with you, but we will work with your whole team, including your local contractor or trusted engineer to ensure your plants stay up and running, by staying ahead of problems and avoiding future emergency repair cost.

Let’s Connect


The more you know, the better you can manage your plant’s operations. You may not have a problem today, but why wait to find out until it’s too late? Let’s discuss how we can help you assess your underground pipe infrastructure and put you in the best possible position for success. Connect with us today.