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We will help you develop a proactive plan that keeps your plants performing at their peak. A plan consisting of services built upon industry experience and technology-driven innovation that consistently deliver return on investment and reduced risk for our customers. From assessment, to repair, to future maintenance and record-keeping, we’ll be there throughout the whole process.

Pipe Inspection and Assessments

By identifying potential pipe failures, we can provide cost-effective solutions that will ultimately help reduce future emergency costs associated with downtime.

Certified Condition Reports

Our underground piping assessment process utilizes a combination of high-tech field equipment and engineering software to take a comprehensive look at your plant’s aging underground pipes and then map them for your reference. Upon completion of your assessment, you’ll receive a certified condition report giving you a holistic view on the status of your underground pipes, which allows you to prioritize maintenance issues and stay ahead of problems before they ever present themselves.

CIPP – Pipe Rehabilitation

By implementing cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repair and using our advanced capabilities, we can repair your plant’s pipelines ranging from 3″ and larger. And a manufacturer warranty on materials means you can be confident in the work going forward.

GIS Facility Mapping and Real-Time, Record-Keeping Portal

The Ellingson infrastructure dashboard provides facility and operations managers a tool to efficiently analyze and plan your plant’s piping infrastructure rehab and maintenance program to make an informed, cost-effective plan to mitigate the risk of pipe failure throughout your facility.

The Proof is in the Pipe

We’re proud of the work we’ve done and even more proud of the partnerships we’ve formed with beverage plants across the Midwest. See how Ellingson is helping plants with their underground piping infrastructure needs.

We’ve got some cast iron piping that’s over 100 years old. The Ellingson team comes in and runs cameras through all the lines for us and installs CIPP lining on any piping that is potentially going to fail. We check the main lines first and if a pipe looks good, we’ll leave it alone. If it needs repairs, we’ll schedule it with Ellingson. It’s a year-by-year process and  Ellingson takes care of putting together a database for all the lines in the facility so we have a useful map of our piping system that shows which lines we’ve looked at and which ones we haven’t.

Chad Coogan

Sr. Project Manager, Foth

Why Ellingson


We’re pioneers in trenchless construction, and we’ve built our careers serving some of the largest  food and beverage production facilities s in the country. Decades of experience has given us the knowledge we need to master the complex systems, strict regulations, and controlled conditions of the beverage industry. Our OSHA-10 certified professionals are ready for it all, from service and maintenance to rehab and repair. And we understand the importance of keeping facilities running. In fact, not only will we work with you, but we will work with your whole team, including your local contractor or trusted engineer to ensure your plants stay up and running, by staying ahead of problems and avoiding future emergency repair cost.

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The more you know, the better you can manage your plant’s operations. You may not have a problem today, but why wait to find out until it’s too late? Let’s discuss how we can help you assess your underground pipe infrastructure and put you in the best possible position for success. Connect with us today.